A guide to shopping online; Key indicators to avoid being scammed​

Bangladesh has seen rapid increase in its eCommerce industry since the pandemic. While people are convinced about its convenience factor; many still cannot trust the online shopping process. This is further discouraged by some unethical business person who are looking for short term gains by cheating the customers. In this article, we will discuss and identify ways we can use to avoid such occurrences to happen. 

Signs you should look out for:

Reviews: The first indicators you should always check is the reviews. Reviews often give a better idea of the type of service you are expecting. Past customers can paint a clear picture and can help you to avoid spammers.

Social media presence: The type of content they share on their social media is another key indicator which presents their professionalism about their work. You will ideally see professional contents about their products or service rather than just meme contents.

Website: Having a website means the company you are looking to buy from is more committed on providing better service compared to some businesses with no website. However, it’s not always compulsory. Try to look for the overall experience of the website, the quality of content, reviews on the website if available, checking out their ‘About us’ page and more.

Customer service: Top quality businesses are committed towards providing excellent customer experience to its customers. If you experience anything but, this is definitely one of the red flags you need to account for. Beware of ordering from such businesses as they hardly care for the customers in the first place.

Delivery timeline: Most online shopping delivers product in roughly 2 days for intercity delivery and 3 to 5 days for outer city delivery. If this delivery timeline is much higher, signs are that their customer service is not strong and they care less about the customer’s satisfaction. 



Ask a friend: Look for recommendation from a friend before you buy. Chances are he/she can provide better insights on where to order.

Call directly: If you are unsure about something that you want to buy, directly get in touch with the company and inquire about your concerns. You will be in a better state to decide based on your phone conversation.



What should you do once you are scammed?

If you face dissatisfaction, try to call directly on their hotline and ask for return/ refunds. If they deny or come up with excuses, do drop your honest review on their social media accounts and google. Based on your reviews, are you helping others to not face the similar issues and voice your honest feedback to help the online shopping community to avoid such fraud businesses.

eCommerce helps many lives every day with its benefits. We want to make a healthy community of online buyers and sellers so that we all can enjoy and appreciate its benefits.

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