Gulab Jamun With Milk Powder Recipe

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Gulab jamun are soft delicious sweet balls made of milk. This Gulab Jamun is just perfect for feeding a crowd… if you can resist eating it all yourself!

Recipe By: Banglar Rannaghor






  •  Soak semolina with water and set aside
  •  Add powdered milk in a separate bowl along with clarified butter, baking powder, all-purpose flour, and the soaked semolina
  •  Pour milk and mix then let it rest
  •  Create a spherical shape with a 2-inch diameter using your palm
  •  Fry until golden brown
  •  Boil water with sugar, cardamom, and lemon juice
  •  Turn off heat and add the fried dough into the syrup and allow it to soak for a minimum 1 hour
  •  Enjoy!

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