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HP Sauce: 220ml

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HP Sauce is a classic British condiment that was first created in 1884 by a grocer named Frederick Gibson Garton. Garton gathered up a variety of ingredients, including tomatoes, dates, molasses, and soy sauce, along with the more exotic tamarind. He blended these together with other fruits, spices, and malt vinegar to create what he originally called “The Banquet Sauce.” When Garton learned that his sauce was being served at the Houses of Parliament or H.P., he decided to rename his creation “Garton’s H.P. Sauce.”Unfortunately, Garton had to part ways with his recipe in 1903 due to debt, and it was sold to the Midlands Vinegar Factory for just 150 British pounds. The new owners kept the name and added an illustration of Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster to the bottle, which fans still see to this day. HP Sauce has been a staple of British cuisine for many years, particularly during times of war and shortages when it was needed to improve the flavor of food. For a time, HP Sauce was also known as “Wilson’s Gravy” because former prime minister Harold Wilson reportedly drenched all his meals in it.

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