Tishi Seeds (Flaxseed)

৳ 150.00৳ 550.00

Tishi seeds – 1kg

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৳ 150.00৳ 550.00

  • 1kg
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 Benefits of Flex Seeds:

The benefits of Tishi Seeds (Flaxseed) are numerous. Firstly, they are loaded with essential nutrients that benefit our health. Secondly, flaxseeds are high in omega-3 fats, necessary for brain function and heart health. Thirdly, they are a rich source of lignans that may help reduce cancer risk. Fourthly, flaxseeds are rich in dietary fibre essential for digestive health. Additionally, they may improve cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. Lastly, flaxseeds contain high-quality protein necessary for muscle growth and repair.


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Tishi seeds - 1kg

Tishi Seeds (Flaxseed)

৳ 150.00৳ 550.00

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