Welcome to ENE DAO Supermarket

Why ENE DAO Supermarket?

We started our journey in the year 2020 during the pandemic supplying groceries and household items to customers during lockdown. Our motivation is to serve customers with top quality products and service that customers will be pleasantly surprised. 

All products sold on ENE DAO platform is quality ensured to make sure customers enjoy 100% satisfaction almost every time.

ENE DAO Supermarket is a complete eCommerce solution built with trust and sincerity. We are focused on maintaining high quality of products so that our customer always get the best product that they always want to order.

Besides ENE DAO Supermarket, we provide complete business solution for eCommerce merchants as well. Starting from Sourcing, Selling of the product and Ensuring product delivery as well.

To get in touch regarding business, email your proposal to [email protected]

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