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ENE DAO Supermarket has come a long way from the early days of 2020s during the pandemic. Ever since, we have not looked back. We have evolved from being a grocery on demand service to being one of the top ecommerce platform which provides a wide selection of Imported products from around the world.

We value our customers the most who have stood by us from our early days till date. It’s the customer who motivates us to do better each day. 

ENE DAO Supermarket has gained wide appreciation from various spectrum of media channels. Here are some of our prestigious mentions from the country’s top media platforms.

The Business Standard: One of the top most online news agency in Bangladesh announces the entry of ENE DAO Supermarket.

The Financial Express: Highlights our mission to make shopping easier for people in Bangladesh.

Below is a list of few mentions about ENE DAO Supermarket in the country’s top news agencies.

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