Green Bamboo Sushi Mat

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  • Green Bamboo Sushi Mat- 1 piece
  • Country of origin: China

৳ 350.00


A sushi mat, “makisu” in Japanese, is a tool used when making sushi rolls. Other than sushi rolls, a sushi mat is also used to perfect the shape of other Japanese dishes, such as rolled omelets (tamago-yaki).

Traditional sushi mats are made from bamboo but recently those made from plastic and silicone are also available. Sushi mats made from bamboo are flexible and purpose-designed, making sushi-rolling easy. On the other hand, those made from plastic and silicone are easy to clean after use.

  • Green Bamboo Sushi Mat
  • Design: Sushi Mat
  • Materials: Bamboo
  • Hand wash only
  • Stylish, contemporary design
  • Perfect present for the entertainer you know
  • Country of origin: China

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Green Bamboo Sushi Mat

৳ 350.00

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