Button Mushroom

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Button Mushroom- 500 gm

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Mushrooms belong to a separate group of organisms called Fungi. They lack the green matter (chlorophyll) in plants and grow on dead and decaying organic materials. From these decaying substrates, they absorb their nutrition with the help of excellent thread-like structures (mycelium), which penetrate the substratum and are generally not visible on the surface. After the mycelium has grown profusely and absorbed sufficient food, it forms the reproductive structure. It naturally comes from the substrate and includes a fruiting body, commonly known as a mushroom. The mushroom fruiting body may be umbrella-like or of various other shapes, sizes, and colors. Typically, it consists of a cap or pileus and a stalk or stipe. Still, others may have additional structures like a veil or annulus, a cup or volva, performing various functions in the life-cycle of the fungus.

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Button Mushroom

৳ 900.00৳ 950.00 (-5%)

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