Enoki Mushroom Thailand

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  • Enoki Mushroom- 100gm
  • Product Of Thailand¬†

৳ 320.00


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Cultivated Enoki mushrooms are very small in size and grow in bouquets of tightly packed, long stems topped with petite, convex caps. The snow-white caps are tender, smooth, delicate, and are connected to matching white stems that are thin and can grow up to twelve centimeters in length. Cultivated Enoki mushrooms are crisp and firm with a crunchy bite and a mild, fruity flavor. Wild Enoki mushrooms are significantly different in appearance from the cultivated form as they have larger caps, shorter stems, range in color from orange to brown, are slightly sticky, rubbery, are velvety in consistency, and have an earthier flavor.

  • Product Of Thailand

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Enoki Mushroom Thailand

৳ 320.00

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