Sagu Dana (সাগু দানা )

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Sagu Dana (সাগু দানা )- 500gm | 1kg

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৳ 120.00৳ 240.00

  • 500gm
  • 1kg


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Sagu Dana (সাগু দানা ) is a natural starch made from the substance of various tropical palm trees. High-quality technologies are used in the production and processing of Sagu Dana. It is also used to treat fiber, making it easier to work with. This process, called measuring, binds the fiber, gives it a predictable slip for running on metal, standardizes the hydration level of the fiber, and gives the material more body. Most clothing and fabrics have already been measured, leaving a residue that is removed during the first wash. Sagu Dana can be used to cook a variety of dishes such as jelly, soul, sherbet, and more.


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500gm, 1kg

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Sagu Dana (সাগু দানা )

৳ 120.00৳ 240.00

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