Toblerone Yellow Milk Chocolate

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Toblerone Yellow Milk Chocolate- 100gm Single Bar | 20 pieces Box

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৳ 280.00৳ 3,750.00 (-13%)

  • 100 gm Single Bar
  • 20 pieces Box


Toblerone Milk Gold is a classic variation of the renowned Toblerone chocolate bar, known for its distinctive triangular shape. This version features a smooth and creamy milk chocolate, offering a delightful and indulgent treat.

The Toblerone Milk Gold chocolate bar is made with high-quality milk chocolate, crafted from the finest cocoa beans and combined with creamy milk. The result is a rich and velvety chocolate with a sweet and creamy flavor profile that is loved by chocolate enthusiasts of all ages.

Just like the original Toblerone, the Milk Gold version is characterized by its unique triangular peaks, which are filled with a blend of honey and almond nougat. This nougat adds a delightful crunch and a touch of sweetness to the smooth milk chocolate, creating a satisfying texture and taste experience.

Toblerone Milk Gold is perfect for enjoying on its own, breaking off a piece to savor, or sharing with friends and loved ones. Its iconic packaging, featuring the Toblerone logo and mountain design, adds to the charm and appeal of this beloved chocolate bar.

Whether you enjoy it as a special treat for yourself or give it as a gift, Toblerone Milk Gold is sure to bring joy and delight with its creamy milk chocolate goodness.


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100 gm Single Bar, 20 pieces Box

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Toblerone Yellow Milk Chocolate

৳ 280.00৳ 3,750.00 (-13%)

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