Trident Gum

৳ 140.00

  • Trident Gum Mint- 1 pack - 14 Sticks
  • Country of Origin:  ‎USA
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৳ 140.00

  • Trident Gum Mint
  • Trident Gum Original
  • Trident Gum strawberry
  • Trident Gum Tropical Twist
  • Trident Watermelon Twist


If you love chewing gum, you are probably familiar with Trident gum. This is one of the biggest names in the chewing gum industry in the United States and Trident has been around for a long time. You probably have had one or more of the various versions of this gum product and many people refer to chewing gum for breath freshening as Trident gum.

  • Country of Origin:  ‎USA


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Trident Gum Mint, Trident Gum Original, Trident Gum strawberry, Trident Gum Tropical Twist, Trident Watermelon Twist

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